Comparison of Membership Benefits

Membership Type: Free Standard Dealer
Number of Collections: 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Items: 100 per collection Unlimited Unlimited
Price: Free $1/month $3/month
Can post wanted items: Yes Yes Yes
Can offer items for sale: No Yes Yes
Can buy items: Yes Yes Yes
Can read member forums: Yes Yes Yes
Can post on member forums: No Yes Yes
Can read "ask a professional" forums: No Yes Yes
Can post on "ask a professional" forums: No No Yes
Listed in the Dealer Directory: No No Yes
Can place ads: No No Yes
Can make a collection publicly visible: No No Yes
How you are identified on the site: Handle Handle Email address
How you are contacted by buyers: Anonymously, through the site Anonymously, through the site Directly, by your email address

Choose the membership type that most suits your needs. You can change your membership type at any time.

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